Company History

Jimi-tech actuator technology has over 10 years and lead the industry ever since. The Jimi-tech is a recognized and trusted brand as the China leader in mechanical motion technology.

Since 2008 when Jimi-tech was founded in shenzhen, our product range has grown significantly. Our family of linear and mechanical motion products includes LINEAR ACTUATORS, ELECTRIC CYLINDERSSLEWING DRIVESDC MOTORSSOLAR TRACKER CONTROLLERS,COMPLETED SOLAR TRACKER SYSTEM, PACKING EQUIPMENTS, BATTERIES PACKAGES and LIFTING DESKS – all now part of Jimi-tech.

Company history:

2008-    Company was founded by returned oversea Chinese with 2 million RMB. Major business was linear actuator trade in China

2010-    First factory was founded in Suzou city with other company cooperation. Customers were developing to 200+.

2012-    New product categories were introduced: adjustable electric desk and solar tracker system.

2013-    Wuhan, Beijing, Xian city offices were founded. Vietnam office was founded.

2015-    Shenzhen product developing center was founded and take more cooperation with Universities. DC motors factory was founded in Shenzhen

2016-    Developing Center was successful to develop out integrated solar tracker completed systems. Introduced electric cylinders products. Lifting desks factory was founded in Zhejiang.

2017-    Developing center of lifting factory had completed several new lifting desks model development and sell into markets.

2018-    Lifting factory production value is over 1 billion.

2019-   The automatic production has been running in lifting factory and annual outpur is over 0.8 million sets per year.

2020-  The sales company HuiZhou Jimi-Tech company was founded.

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