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Height Adjustable Standing Desk benefits:

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t live so many of our hours at our desks staring at monitors. However, that’s quickly becoming the opposite and more needs to be done to improve your quality of life at the workplace. However, the old conventional desk frame just isn’t dynamic enough for the demands of the modern workplace. The solution to this sedentary lifestyle, an ergonomic work space complete with an adjustable standing desk. Height adjustment allows you to switch from sitting to standing seamlessly throughout your work day! Let’s explore why this type of ergonomic desk is the perfect desk solution for your workspace.

Ergonomic studies have shown that using a standing workstation desk for at least part of your workday can provide energy and chiropractic benefits and possibly relieve some body pain or discomfort. Moreover, a standing workstation gives you the flexibility to set the exact correct desk height and avoid poor body & wrist positioning which can impact your health. When sitting for prolonged periods of time, many people begin to feel joint pain or hold tension in their legs, shoulders, and neck. An easy way to fix this is by switching over to an ergonomic workstation (height adjustable desk). The ultimate ergonomic standing desk solution is an electric (no crank or lifting mechanism) height-adjustable desk so you can improve your ergonomics by saving the exact measurement for your height in inches. Simply click a button and bring it up to the standing height or back down to sitting position. Unlike old conventional office furniture, this design also makes it easy to change positions from sitting position and standing position on a daily basis and can help with good posture. However, we also offer non-electric standing desk converters that sit on top of a work surface or desk. All you have to do is simply lift & adjust the frame into the standing position by squeezing the handles. Now, that doesn’t mean you should just ditch your office chair; instead, create the ultimate workspace at your workplace with a sit and stand desk. A sit-stand workstation gives you the freedom to determine how you work.

Standing desk? or what can we call it?

People can call it as a lot of names. Such as: height adjustable desk, height adjustable table,stand up desk, stand up table. Other names: standing desk, standing table, lift desk lift table, lifting desk, lifting table, office lifting desk. More names: uplift desk, lift up desk, sit stand desk, sit to standing desk etc. You also can apply “home” and “office” on the head.

Why should you choose Jimi-tech lifting desks?

30,000 m² factory in China. We have completed quality assurance process system. We have more than 50 engineers for products developing and manufacturing , quality assureance. We have automatic production line from German design. The industrial design comse from Europe desinger. All of them can make us to produce in high quality and low price. Most of our customers come from Europe and USA.

Again please remember it’s names, such as: height adjustable desk, height adjustable table. Also names: stand up desk, stand up table, standing desk, standing table. More names: lift desk lift table, lifting desk, lifting table, office lifting desk, uplift desk, lift up desk, sit stand desk, sit to standing desk etc.

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